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DNUASC Fall 2021: Mark, I’m Going To Give It To You Straight: The World Has Not Gotten Substantively Better in 2021 :( I’m Sorry To Be The Bearer of Bad News

it’s that time again! the convergence! the season when our annual charity stream ( dovetails with our semi-annual podcast content!😌 and this time, we need you!!

most of you know the rules here, but if you’re new, here’s how it the Downtown Nemuru Ultimate Anime Sleepytime Challenge works:

step 1) you submit fake anime titles–with or without a hilarious synopsis to really give it a whiff of verisimilitude. you can submit something outrageous like “Fate/Stay:Poppers” but the spirit of the game is to cleave your fake title as close as possible because…….step 2): i will idly glance at my anime list(?) over a number of days, cherry pick what appear to be the most absurd titles and premises, interleave them randomly with your many Title Bombshells, and….

step 3): October 30th, approximately 9:30 am Pacific Time we wake graz up 3 hours earlier than she wants to, put a cup of coffee in her hand, and ask her to DETERMINE TRUTHHOOD FROM FICTIONALITY!!!

step 4(*): OBSCURED …. for now….

step 5): we all have a good laugh in support of an important cause! πŸ₯°

so with all that said, please submit your FAKE ANIME TITLES FOR THE PURPOSE OF TEASING GRAZ FOR CHARITY in the usual places:
Joining Our Discord!
The Tumblr Ask Box
Emailing fastkarate @ gmail

(reminder: after recent rulings, we’ve decided these must be fake titles of your own creation, which must NOT include *real* anime or manga from different seasons, as that confuses the scoring way too much; real titles of non-anime/manga properties transliterated into Japanese will be accepted on a provisional basis, but let’s be real: we want to see YOUR creativity shine, so please, dig deep and come up with a dumb-ass title to really wow our dumb asses!!)

stay safe and healthy πŸ™‚ see you there from now til October 30th at 8 am PST!

bd4pp crew by Wayne, arsa&grace by Muna

and don’t forget, Wayne is hosting a draw stream on Sunday October 17th. a $10 donation gets you a character of your choice in the style below (and our gratitude!)

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