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Revengecast S04E01 – Renaissance

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iiiiiit’s revengecast! where have we been for a year?? where have YOU been for a year? no doubt waiting, as we have been, for the return of Revengecast! the only podcast that tells you not just WHO put Lisa Simpson in the trunk, by WHY put Lisa Simpson in the trunk.

oh, Emily. you could no sooner discard your persona than you could leave…… South Hampton……? is that what we’re calling it now? anyway, the two of you are so clearly intertwined that to pretend it has anything to do with so-called “Charlotte” is pretense at best. Exhibit 1) Nolan’s suit. Exhibit 2) Hitting Poor People’s Cars With Your Car. Exhibit 3) You Definitely Bought The House So You Can Start Hardcore Crankin’ Your Hog In Victoria’s Bedroom??? like come on this so-known “Chocolate” doesn’t even hit the top ten.

but i know that look in your eye, Armalarm Tharme…. you’re bored….. all your lofty ambitions have gone to seed…. and the harvest isn’t as sweet as you thought it would be……….

meanwhile on the OTHER side of the [south side] of the island, Jack is officially Probied! that’s right our darling dumbass has done the one thing we all knew he would since the beginning: join the cops so he can fix a hideously corrupt system from the inside!! his first act as Corruption Specialist Detective Serpico (Probie Edition): beg his partner not to arrest the rich lady doing drugs because he knows her! there’s a big 10-4 salute to you, Jack-o! Declan’s crying in heaven…… but mostly because all that angelic grace can’t stop him from biffing those ollies??? am i right! put your pads on!!

and on yet another island entirely?? Margeaux and Danny scheme their little spider schemes against one another? or for one another? but not enough to use material evidence of their rival’s wrongdoing to hurt them. i think it just goes to show Revenge’s iron-clad grip on the concept of Class Loyalty: Margaux’s mad at Danny, but she’s not “tell someone he woke up in a hotel room next to a dead model and orchestrated a tremendous cover-up” mad at him. rich looks out for rich, even when they mad at each other. it’s just that sort of thing.

finally, probably not on an island at all, but an regular degular continental landmass, is Victoria: the only rich person who has ever suffered. and boy is she suffering now!! because she is NOT rich and she is wearing BEIGE, the poorest of the colors. she has spent an estimated 9 months nursing a badass shovel wound on her forehead in a Connecticut(?) asylum. cut off from her She Wolves. cut off from her money! cut off from her very Soulstone itself (Grayson Manor)! surrounded by Poppets and Lisas Simpsons! will she survive?? will she THRIVE?? well….. i hope you’ll listen to the episode to find out :3c

Topics for Consideration:

Beard for a Head
Clandestine Sapphic Plans
What Happened To Marta
Yes the Dennis/Mac thing is going to keep coming up i’m sorry if we keep recording more episodes it just is
A Hampton Queen Needs Her Throne 🙂

Target Status:write us a review on iTunes using this link. it seems like it matters? but i don’t really check or anything so you could just lie 🙂

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One response to “Revengecast S04E01 – Renaissance”

  1. Glad to hear the two of you back talking about the greatest American TV show ever made, which makes me consider deep themes like -renaissance-


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