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Morning Brew #25: Downtown Nemuru Ultimate Anime Sleepytime Challenge Fall 2020 Edition (Live for the BD4PP!)

[podcast src=”” width=”100%” height=”90″ scrolling=”no” class=”podcast-class” frameborder=”0″ placement=”top” use_download_link=”use_download_link” download_link_text=”you’re mistaken, my BROTHER is the sheriff of sucking you off–*i’m* the sheriff of old-fashioned podcast mp3 download links :)” primary_content_url=”″ theme=”custom” custom_color=”ff69b4″ libsyn_item_id=”17474735″ /]

(for archival porpoises only)

sorry for the bad audio! did i mention i moved cross country in march and have been trying to cobble not just our streaming audio set-up, but my entire life, back together ever since!!

hope everyone is surviving in 2021. thanks for being an amazing group of friends who keep breaking your previous records year after year. no matter how terrible it gets out there, y’all have always showed up 😿


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